Log of changes to Tabber App

v3.0 : 2021-04-05 - Improved preview of tab style in Control Panel. Major code refactoring.

v2.7 : 2021-03-11 - Added support for whitespace around the = in tab shortcode options.

v2.6 : 2021-03-05 - Added option to use mobile tab styles on PC and wide screen.

v2.5 : 2020-07-16 - Improved tab rendering when shortcodes are in different levels of the HTML document hierarchy.

v2.4 : 2020-06-29 - Several improvements and fixes to tabber-rs (partners version) for payments.

v2.1 : 2020-06-07 - Re-factored and added support for Ecwid partners. Fix for accordion scrolling issue.

v1.27 : 2019-08-20 - Improved support for 'move tabs to bottom' with multiple (static & dynamic) product descriptions.

v1.26 : 2019-07-30 - Move tabs to bottom is now more reliable when product description appears later than usual.

v1.25 : 2019-06-13 - Improved handling of lost Ecwid page load event to ensure tabs are rendered.

v1.24 : 2019-06-12 - Support Ecwid static and dynamic content on the same page (an option on the Wordpress plugin).

v1.23 : 2018-10-26 - Experimental alternative HTML attributes in place of Tabber shortcodes provide better support on Facebook, Instagram and Ecwid mobile ShopApp.

v1.22 : 2018-09-19 - Added external coding option to re-initialise. Please ask if you think you may need to use this.

v1.21 : 2018-08-21 - Added option for accordion style tabs on mobiles, and consistent text size in tabs when placed across the bottom.

v1.20 : 2018-07-15 - Another fix to work around MS Edge timing issues still breaking tab rendering in some situations.

v1.19 : 2018-07-14 - Fix MS Edge word-break default causing words in tab names to split badly.

v1.18 : 2018-06-28 - Fix for Wix, Ecwid, MS Edge combination stopping tabs from rendering.

v1.17 : 2018-03-04 - Support new Ecwid product details layout by adding Tab positioning options.

v1.16 : 2017-11-22 - Support new Ecwid styling options for product list and details pages.

v1.15 : 2017-06-15 - Fix for timing issue on slow connections that may prevent tabs from showing.

v1.12 : 2017-03-03 - Allow tab short-codes in category descriptions

v1.11 : 2017-01-17 - Clean tab short-codes from descriptions in product lists and search results

v1.10 : 2016-12-07 - Don't update product descriptions if no tab short-codes are found in the description

v1.9 : 2016-08-31 - allow single and double quotes around tab names 

v1.7 : 2016-06-01 - add Russian translation

v1.5 : 2016-04-24 - fix issue when no tabber config has been saved yet, and the app storage is {}

v1.4 : 2016-04-21 - fix issue with icon-after not showing on some themes

v1.3 : 2016-04-20 - Improved style of tabs with borders on thin screens

v1.2 : 2016-04-20 - Simplified and improved choice of tab styles based on advice from Ecwid. Minor bug fixes.

v1.1 : 2016-03-25 - Fix for tab content not changing when navigating to a different product.

v1.0 : 2016-03-09 - Initial version launched